Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The video “Pella Vinyl Window Review,” by Houston Window Experts, has a salesperson discussing the advantages of two vinyl Pella window models in a Pella Windows showroom.

He cites research showing that Pella, a 100-year-old company based in Iowa, is the most trusted window brand name. Their products come with a limited lifetime warranty, transferable for ten years.

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He then covers numerous specific features of Pella windows, including Pella’s vinyl containing high levels of titanium dioxide, which helps the windows retain their shape long-term. Also, the vinyl is dyed throughout, so scratches that may occur will not reveal different vinyl colors as happens with some brands.

Other design elements that contribute to the quality of Pella windows include:

  • Different profile widths are available, helping the windows to fit the styles used nationwide.
  • Pella windows pass the highest tests for forced entry, yet are easy to raise and lower.
    Energy efficiency due to glass coatings, gases between panes, triple weather stripping, and several elements of their construction.


  • Weep holes that keep water out of the home, along with a hidden drain hole.
  • Pella windows have a serial number, making it easy to determine the window’s specs, installation date, warranty info, and the like, saving time and ensuring service people have the parts needed for service.


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