Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Curious about how pool liners are created? Here, we’ll take a look at how swimming pool liners distributors–like the team at Latham–work to contain water within your family’s home pool.

Latham has some of the largest vinyl creation manufacturing plants in North America, allowing them to streamline the process of greeting high-quality pool liners. The process takes just 96 hours from start to finish.

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High-quality materials are key to Latham, and they start with materials that exceed legal requirements for safety.

The team at Latham starts by using the custom measurements of each pool. The information is entered into their computer database, allowing them to design a pool liner that meets the exact specifications of your pool. A high-output digital cutting machine ensures that your liner is perfect for your pool.

Latham stays on top of the latest technology–called Ultraseam–that works to create a pool liner that doesn’t show the typical pinstripe that comes with a pool liner. The heat-sealed line is invisible, making it look like your pool liner is one complete piece of material. The process of creating perfect seams doesn’t just make your pool liner look great–it also enhances the strength of the material.

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