Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

From DIY heroes to local deck contractors, there are numerous people who will benefit from this video. Understanding how simple it can be for even beginners to lay a deck in just three days gives some real insights into the simplicity of deck building. Here’s a quick guide to building a deck fast.

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  • Materials: Deck builders should take advice on materials from an experienced professional or visit a local hardware store and give them the deck dimensions. They can use this to run up a materials list.
  • Footings: Check the local building codes to understand what footings a deck must have. Codes also give the required length and width for decking joists.
  • Tools: Ensure drills have enough torque to deal with fixtures that need to go right into the walls of the house.
  • Caulking: Caulk or flash any gaps between the deck and the house to prevent rot.
  • Joist hangers: These connect the joists to the ledger board and must be attached correctly to both pieces of wood all the way along for a strong deck. Other techniques like double-framing and ensuring deck boards end on a joist also add strength.

Remember, not everyone can build a deck by themselves, and that’s okay! Ambitious DIYers should get experienced help from local deck contractors. In addition, follow the tips in the above short guide to deck building.


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