Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
kitchen wood work designs

You can’t tell clients enough that the best kitchen is one that suits their taste. But they will likely want you to help them choose a stylish kitchen. It’s not smart to copy every Sunset Magazine design. You can take inspiration from the latest trends to create a stylish and timeless kitchen. These are some great ideas for your own kitchen wood work designs.

Hidden Hinges

Some homeowners prefer to use ornately decorated hinge options. Others opt for semi-concealed cabinet hinges that are only visible when the cabinet door opens. Semi-concealed and concealed cabinet hinges can make a kitchen look more modern and sleeker, and they can also be an excellent addition to any system. To give the space an old-world or antique charm, a vintage or elaborate hinge is a good choice.

White Cupboards

White cabinetry is becoming more popular with Millennials to brighten and lighten their kitchens. These cabinets are often complemented by dark hardwood floors and dramatic accents. In some cases, this can even be paired with black appliances. You don’t have to add drama to your kitchen design. Quality, neutral cabinets are always in fashion and can be a safer choice for clients. To give your kitchen a lakeside feel, you can keep the natural wood grain or paint the interior with milk paint with a low shine sheen.

Accent Lighting and Unique Fixtures

Many homeowners are opting to embrace natural light with unique accents such as modern lamps and chandeliers. Display case lighting can brighten any space. Accent lighting under cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a warm glow, but without making it too overwhelming.

Your clients will look to you as a contractor’s expert. Clients may not be able to understand the limitations of a request if they aren’t feasible or possible. It’s smart to adapt a trend to suit the client’s needs, rather than taking the spirit or idea of it.

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