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A Clopay garage door can be a beautiful addition to your garage. They are tough, built to last, and ensure a proper seal to the interior of your connected or freestanding garage. Clopay garage door repair and installation can be completed by an expert DIYer, but professional installation is recommended.

The expert in this video reviews the different features of the Clopay garage door and details each specific part and their function.

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The door is operated with a torsion spring that allows it to open and close smoothly. These springs are an integral part of the system, so proper installation and maintenance are paramount.

The hinges connect each panel of the door to improve movement and stability during operation. There is one set in the middle to promote this movement, and another set, located near the rail, is equipped with rollers to guide the entire door along the frame.

Finally, the vertical and horizontal tracks are important for the full tracking of the Clopay garage door. They keep it in place during its full movement, keeping everything in the garage safe from harm.

Reach out to your local Clopay garage door repair and installation company for more information.

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